Blazing Sun Pool Service & Repair Services

Welcome to Blazing Sun Pool Service & Repair!

We are a locally owned and operated, full spectrum pool service & repair company serving the Goodyear AZ Area.

We only recommend servicing your pool WEEKLY FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!

It is so important to keep your pool in great condition every single week of the year.

Allowing your pool to go untreated or be treated incorrectly is the easiest and fastest way to run down your equipment, shorten the life of your pool water and grow that nasty DANGEROUS algae!

Keep your pool SAFE and stay worry-free 24/7 365 with us!

Just ask Ted: “ I tried to save money by doing my pool treatment for the winter, after all, it is a lot cooler and easier right? WRONG! I ended up costing myself more money when I had to get my pool drained, chlorine-washed and my filters cleaned. I won't make that mistake again.”

Your pool circulating system is essentially the organs of your pool.

There are many aspects to the entire system but filters are extremely important for flow rate, filtration of all those disgusting little things you don’t want in your pool, and a key to keeping it clean and clear!

We offer all types of filter cleaning including CARTRIDGE FILTERS, D. E. FILTERS, AND SAND FILTERS.

Sand filter & D. E. filter backwash is included in your monthly Service while Cartridge filters save water but require scheduled cleaning every 3-6 months or as needed.

We offer filter replacement for CARTRIDGE & D.E
filters and a SAND SWAP for the sand filtration systems.

We recommend replacing filters for the Cartridge and D. E. Systems when filter wear and tear is becoming obvious.

Sand filters you will notice the effectiveness of the filter declining even after a flush occurs.

Sand will eventually break down or clump up inside the unit and require a sand swap.

When the entire housing of your filter is starting to crack or leak or simply can’t be opened and closed without causing issues it is time to replace your entire unit.

This is a good time to change your filter system to whatever style you may prefer whether it be a Cartridge Filter, Sand Filter, or D. E. Filter(Diatomaceous Earth) system.

It is required by law for all pool owners to use a variable speed pump.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend these pumps as they are a fantastic energy-saving piece of equipment!

We can swap out your existing damaged or inefficient pump for a new variable speed pump when the time is right for you!

Not having to worry about filling your pool regularly is an awesome thing!

Your pool float is being used 24/7 365 and it going bad is a common occurrence.

It can be dangerous in the summer if evaporation rates are higher than normal and you don’t have the time to check it regularly.

Letting your water get to low could damage your pool surface so please be aware if you notice your water level is lower than normal.

Your valves are very useful to the functionality of your circulating system.

If they go bad you will lose certain necessary filtration features and you will notice quickly.

Often times your valves are not protected and getting beat up by Arizona’s blazing sun!

We can replace valves and repair leaking PVC connections as these things occur.

Many valves have O-rings that need to be replaced regularly.

We will monitor these things and be proactive as to not encourage leaks.

We offer a one-time pool cleaning service to get your once clean pool back in great shape!

Simply shocking your pool and balancing the chemistry can work but in more extreme cases can require a FILTER CLEANING, POOL DRAINING, ACID WASH or CHLORINE WASH.

Sometimes a pool gets out of control due to neglect and a simple shock treatment won’t take care of the problem.

Algae can build up and grow on the walls and become quite thick.

Furthermore the water it’s self can become full of phosphates which will require your pool to be drained.

This is a perfect time to perform a chlorine wash and get those walls scrubbed clean!

An acid wash is a stronger version of a chlorine wash.

It is essentially used to take a thin layer off of your pool surface to regain original color and removes stains from neglect.

Acid washes should not be performed regularly as they are potentially damaging to your pool surface if not done correctly or done too many times.

Over time the conductivity in your pool water will rise.

Conductivity is a build up of dissolved solids in the water coming from swimmers and all kinds of things that blow into your pool.

Sometimes treatment can reduce these levels to a certain extent but eventually, your water will have to be drained.

Once drained it is a great time to do any other services that might be needed that require draining your pool.

When filling a pool after draining or simply because you are the happy owner of a new pool it’s important that a start up service is performed.

This will get your water chemistry in perfect order and set you up to be serviced regularly going forward!