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Here are a few quick tips if you need to purchase a new swimming pool pump:

Why choose a variable speed pump?

  • Variable speed pumps can greatly reduce your energy consumption and often pay for themselves relatively quick.

    Many manufacturers claim up to $1000 savings on energy costs per year!

  • Variable speed pumps are quieter to operate and much more efficient.

  • The ability to ramp down RPMs and pick your exact speed and run time with a digital screen is a huge bonus.

  • Variable speed pumps have a fully functioning LED screen and include the ability to be programmed to run a schedule.

    This allows you to bypass your existing switch or old timer and those pesky little dials.

  • A handy quick clean button allows the homeowner to run their pump / water feature with one touch of a button.

Here is a list of our most popular swimming pool pump options:

Pentair Superflow Variable Speed Pump:

This 1.5 HP Variable speed pump is a slightly cheaper version than the larger sized variable speed pumps and is great for water features or smaller pool settings where the budget is slightly tighter.

Pentair Whisperflow 2.6 HP Variable Speed Pump:

The whisper flow is the larger full size variable speed pump and is an excellent choice. It has all the features of the Superflow but a larger pump basket, larger lid and larger wet end of the pump.

Pentair Intelliflow Variable Speed Pump:

The 3.0 HP Intelliflow is the most common choice amongst pool builders for its additional features and excellent durability!

This pump is the best choice if you are needing to communicate with your Pentair Automation System. It is full sized like the Whisperflow but with a larger selection of features and options.

Hayward VS 900 Variable Speed Pump:

The VS 900 1.5 HP Variable speed pump works great for the average play pool and can be used in larger applications. It is the smaller of the two variable speed pump from Hayward.

Hayward VS 950 Variable Speed Pump:

Coming in at 3 hp the Hayward VS 950 is a excellent choice for your Hayward pool system and is the preferred choice of builders when using Hayward.

We also offer motor replacement for your existing pump if you decide not to opt for a variable speed pump.

While upgrading to a variable speed pump is often the best option, sometimes it is not.

If that’s the case for you we can change out your old motor with a new one in most circumstances.

Please feel free to reach out via text or call with any questions at all!

Have a great day 😃

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